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2. Pregnancy not growing
If the pregnancy stops growing or growing, it is another sign of miscarriage. Everyone who is pregnant expects the pregnancy to grow daily and get bigger depending on the age, if the pregnancy is also for several months, ie it does not grow or the size of the abdomen does not change to know that the pregnancy is misplaced, to get the hospital tested.

3. The baby stops playing in the womb.
If the baby stops playing in the womb it is a serious problem as the baby usually starts at 18 to 20 weeks for women who have never been pregnant and 16 to 20 weeks for women who have never given birth. In the case of a baby in the womb he or she has been playing but suddenly became uncomfortable or the time has passed and still silent is most likely the baby has died in the womb, so the hospital is soon to see a doctor.

4. Extreme bleeding of the genitals.
Pregnancy bleeding in the genital area is an indication that the pregnancy has begun to stop and the cervix has started to open, which means that two things have happened before the baby may have died or still died, but if the bleeding is mass it means that the baby is in the womb he will just die.

5. From the pieces of the secret parts.
If a pregnant mother is going to have a series of genitals it is a very bad sign. Bleeding slices are an indication that a baby has a miscarriage. In the event of an emergency the pregnant woman should be cleansed to remove the residue.

6. Loss of symptoms of pregnancy.
Loss of symptoms of pregnancy is another serious problem for a pregnant mother. Pregnant women often have many symptoms such as nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, starvation, such as lemon, lemon, others eating small and many are very behavioral changes. If the pregnancy stops suddenly then you know the pregnancy is gone.

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